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Your organisation faces an array of rapidly evolving cyber security threats. The consequences of these attacks can be extensive, disrupting operations, undermining stakeholder confidence, and damaging your reputation, potentially irreparably. Managing your risks requires appropriate and proportionate capabilities to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber-attacks.

About Systal Security Solutions

Systal Security Solutions provide physical and cyber security partner and managed security service provider (MSSP) solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide high value security services to ensure our customers are better protected against attack from those with the intent of doing harm.

We can help you bridge the gap between your digital and physical worlds to manage your cyber security risks. Our end-to-end global capability ensures a holistic approach to physical security and cyber defence across your IT and OT systems. This capability spans four key towers:

Professional Services

Wide-ranging services to improve your organisation’s security posture.

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Technology Services

Deep technical expertise to defend your organisation’s security interests.

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Operational Services (SecOps)

24x7x365 multi-level support for your organisation’s global infrastructure.

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Incident Response, Digital Forensics, and Penetration Testing

Deep technical expertise to help your organisation identify malicious activity.

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Security, Technology, and Research (STAR) Academy

Our Security, Technology and Research (STAR) Academy aims to provide world-class education and learning experiences to Systal’s employees, partners, and customers.

Systal strongly believes in continuous education and people development. We have developed our Security, Technology, and Research (STAR) Academy to provide the very best training, learning and personal development experiences.