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From our state-of-the-art 24/7 Global Network Operations Centres, our highly qualified network professionals deliver world class tech support, giving a truly unique and personal customer experience.
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Managing an enterprise network and infrastructure is an ongoing challenge for any organisation. The ability to adapt to business change quickly and maintain excellent service delivery whilst meeting cost constraints can risk both your company’s revenue and reputation.

Systal manages large, complex networking security for some of the world’s largest companies. We can help you to integrate your network with maximum efficiencies into the rest of your business’ IT service, delivering long-term network transformation and managed services.

What We Deliver

Data Centre Services

Achieve a high-performance data centre that reduces IT complexity and improves scalability and resilience

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Enterprise Network Services

Implement an enterprise network infrastructure that provides higher availability and delivers a better end user experience 

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Infrastructure Cabling

Systal’s end-to-end solutions deliver infrastructure connectivity within critical environments

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Internet of Things (IOT)

Unlock the value of unconnected devices, smart physical objects, vehicles, and buildings.

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Wide Area Networking (WAN)

Improve your network security, agility, and flexibility with fully managed, high speed reliable wide area networks

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Wireless Network Solutions

Private Wireless (5G) and IoT services that deliver a faultless end user experience

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How We Deliver

Consulting Services

Give your organisation expert consultant support in technical architecture, transformation events, and service delivery.

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Project Transformation Services

Our flexible business engagement allows you to build the exact project support model your business demands.

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Managed Services

Remove the burden and complexity of managing your network with a safe pair of hands for your business-critical infrastructure.

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