Identity and Access Management (IDAM) 

Ensure the security of your organisation’s digital identities
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Around 61% of cyber-attacks stem from compromised credentials with attackers navigating the environment and gaining access to personal data and other confidential documents. Appropriate Identity and Access Management services are needed to provide the policies and programs that ensure prevention from data breaches in a typical enterprise environment.

How can Systal help?

Systal’s cyber experts are trained and experienced in providing Identity and Access Management solutions to help your organisation have the business processes, policies and necessary technologies to ensure the security of your digital identities. We offer a streamlined user experience, with a service that includes complete access management solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

Assured security, tracking and administrative transparency

A properly implemented Identity and Access Management service will help ensure your access to critical services and data is properly authenticated and authorised. It ​offers you assurance that the highest standards of security, tracking and administrative transparency are embedded into your day-to-day operations.