Enterprise Security Architecture 

Organise and deploy preventive and detective safeguards for your organisation
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Difficulties Implementing Enterprise Security Architecture

Enterprise Security Architecture forms effective security operations within an organisation, ensuring overall security and ultimately mitigating risks. The integration of security infrastructure, centralised security controls and automated security workflows plays a major role in successful enterprise security architecture.

However, Enterprise Security Architecture is difficult to implement for several reasons, including:

  • Operational Silos 
  • Increased Attack Surfaces 
  • Inadequate Security Controls
  • Fragmented Architecture

This therefore requires industry experts to organise and deploy preventive and detective safeguards.

How can Systal help?

Our Enterprise Security Architecture service develops a well-considered approach towards security for your organisation by assembling a secure eco-system that improves the operational efficiencies of your core business areas. Our process includes:

  • Reviewing existing security architecture, security controls  
  • Planning security architecture, roadmaps and other supporting procedures
  • Designing, developing and delivering enterprise security designs and security controls 
  • Testing security controls and implementing solutions as required 

For each of these processes, we provide documented debrief and recommendations for improvement.

Move from your current to your ideal state of security

Because Systal work to understand your specific business objectives and the key drivers that make your organisation flourish, we will develop a security framework that specifically supports you. Through reviewing your security controls, policies and processes in detail, our solutions will take you from your current to your ideal state of security.