Cyber Security Engineering

Protect your organisation with end-to-end cyber engineering solutions
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Changing threat landscapes impacting detection

Effective Cyber Security Engineering requires the management and creation of security techniques, hardware and software to protect of data networks and systems. However, the rapidly changing threat landscape has put understaffed security teams at a disadvantage to keep the organisation’s detection capabilities updated.

Specifically tailored cyber security engineering solutions

Systal’s team of experienced, cyber security experts will provide you with reliable, cost-effective and customised security solutions to protect your organisation from potential attacks, vulnerabilities and assist you in meeting your compliance and regulatory requirements. Our security engineering services identify the collected data and analyse it to show you the accepted risk and identify opportunities for improvement within your organisation.​

Meet your compliance mandate

Through building and maintaining secure systems, we help you meet your customer’s security needs and your compliance mandate. Our end-to-end cyber security engineering solutions will be tailored specifically as a response to the challenges faced by your organisation, helping you maintain security and risks in line with your organisation’s security policy. We understand the specific needs of your business and provide secure systems to streamline your business operations.