Security Strategy and Planning 

Bespoke, actionable plans to help your organisation identify and mitigate risks
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Why receive security strategy and planning assistance?

A security strategy and plan are essential for organisations as it helps you define the security aims and roadmap of your business.  Security Strategy and Planning helps mitigate the risks you face.


How can Systal help?

Our Security Strategy and Planning service involves understanding your organisational context in-depth, helping you identify and mitigate the associated risks. Our service ensures that comprehensive and robust security controls are implemented and prioritised to assist you in achieving your specific organisational vision and objectives. We assist you in implementing a long-term sustainable and achievable security program which follows leading security practices.


Implement a bespoke plan

Because we take a comprehensive approach by understanding your business, technology and environmental drivers, your security strategy and plan is bespoke, detailed and actionable. This is essential for defining your security conditions, managing security risks and preparing you for potential threats. This helps ensures robust security controls are implemented and prioritised.