Security Maturity Assessment

Strengthen your cyber security capabilities with a customer specific, tailored approach to establish robust security practices
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Why receive a Security Maturity Assessment?

With a growing global threat landscape, comprehensive security assessments are crucial to ensure you are protected from risks and threats. Even the smallest gaps in your security approach can leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Security Maturity Assessments work to actively reduce organisational risk while strengthening security measures to prevent future attacks.

How can Systal help?

Systal’s Security Maturity Assessment service assists you in strengthening your organisation’s cyber security capabilities by providing a customer specific, tailored approach to establish robust security practices. The assessment provides objective evidence to help you:

Prioritise your cyber security investments and remedial actions

  • Establish measurement criterion
  • Provide coherent reports to stakeholders
  • Achieve transparency regarding your current cyber security risk posture.

Reach your Target State

By receiving a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your cyber security profile against an objective maturity model, you will identify areas for improvement. This helps your organisation ensure cyber security capabilities and future initiatives reach your desired Target State and match long-term business objectives.