Cyber and Physical Security Risk Mitigation Planning

Ensure your organisation’s risks are appropriately addressed and mitigated
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Deal with increased cyber-attack risks

Increasing complexities of IT infrastructure creates more potential for cyber-attacks and breaches which should be addressed to combat existing and potential threats. According to Gartner 2022, cyber security is turning into a social phenomenon. Investor interest, public pressure, employee demands and governmental regulations are strengthening the incentives for organisations to track and report cyber security goals and metrics within their environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts as a business requirement. 

How can Systal help?

Our Cyber and Physical Security Risk Mitigation Planning service focuses on your organisation’s risk profile and provides a comprehensive mitigation plan to reduce your overall risk. Our advisors will work closely with you to assess your existing policies, procedures and cyber controls, ensuring that your specific business objectives are met and risks are managed.

How will your organisation benefit?

We develop a risk mitigation plan and implement security risk tracking processes to ensure risks are appropriately addressed. There are three key benefits to your organisation:

  • Enhanced Visibility – A clear description of the security risks specific to your organisation will be provided, enabling you to gain enhanced visibility and to make strategic decisions with greater confidence.
  • Reduced Risk – Our risk assessment, modelling and mitigation services will identify the risks and recommended technical controls based on the risk assessment results, helping you to mitigate risks.
  • An Actionable Plan! – Clear cyber risk objectives are shared with the relevant stakeholders, giving you a plan that provides you with concrete actions to address emergent risks to enhance security governance, strengthen reporting, ownership and transparency.