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As cyber-attacks become more advanced it is becoming ever more important to protect your organisation from security threats. Vulnerability Management is designed to proactively identify and prevent the exploitation of information and operational technology (IT/OT) vulnerabilities that exist within your organisation.

Irrespective of your organisation’s size and complexity, you are susceptible to data breaches and disruption which can often be mitigated through improvements in basic security practices. Professional and regular vulnerability management activities will help to reduce risk across your organisation’s IT/OT infrastructure.

How can Systal help?

Systal’s Vulnerability Management Service provides an overall evaluation of your organisation’s incident response capabilities. Our services are custom made based on your industry’s evolving compliance and audit needs.

Our experts provide an overall maturity assessment to review your existing processes and procedures. We test your hardware, networks, applications, devices (Cloud, IOT and OT), personnel and various other systems and technologies to thoroughly review your organisation for any security vulnerabilities.

Reduce time and resources dealing with vulnerabilities

Our Vulnerability Management Service provides ongoing support to regularly review, assess, identify and report on any security vulnerabilities within your existing processes and procedures. This will help your organisation reduce the time, money and resources needed to deal with vulnerabilities and the exploitation risk of identified gaps in your security. 

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