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An in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC) can help your organisation ensure that business security objectives are met. It can provide solutions to common problems such as lack of network visibility, hidden adversaries, non-standard processes and overworked teams struggling to run security operations.

How can Systal help?

Systal’s On Prem SOC is a shared service where we engage with you and your organisation to build an in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC). We provide an end-to-end solution to your security needs, gathering requirements and following best practices to ensure your business objectives are met, including compliance, regulations, log management and threat monitoring.

Enhance your threat monitoring capabilities

We offer close collaboration between your Security Operations Centre and our Cyber Defence Centres to enhance your threat monitoring and incident response capabilities.  Our highly skilled cyber experts provide a vast amount of onsite support for your organisation including advice on how to build and manage your SOC operations, giving complete coverage of your network including endpoints, servers and network devices to enhance visibility into your network. 

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