Managed XDR as a Service

Real-time detection and remediation of cyber security threats
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Essential to any effective Cyber Security Defence System is its ability to collect and correlate massive amounts of network data, coupled to actionable threat intelligence, in real-time.

Systal Edge™ – Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Systal Edge is our innovative continuous threat exposure management and XDR platform. It can help your organisations rapidly detect and remediate their growing landscape of cyber threats. Our Global Threat Intel Platform provides perimeter threat detection and remediation. Using probes and at-scale correlation of network and threat data, Systal Edge enhances traditional perimeter security by detecting and streaming threat data graphically to illustrate incoming threats and terminate them at the network boundary.

Detect, Respond and Remediate Threats

Systal Edge’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) Dashboard for Alerting and Incident response enables SOC analysts to detect, respond and remediate threats immediately, and enables Cyber Defence Centre – SOC 2.0.- workflows. When deployed on the public side of the network, the Systal Edge platform’s streaming of cyber threats enables an organisation to stop the threats early in the Cyber Kill Chain. Systal Edge is a CTEM XDR platform that can be fully integrated into IDS and Router infra to enable automated, ‘real time’ active defence. Deployment is fast, simple, requires minimal effort and can be managed by our team.

Automated Ticketing

Systal Edge™ provides multi-tenant, scalable and distributable threat detection, information sharing, and a threat mitigation system that intercepts and stops the attack before the threat actor penetrates defences.

Increase Competitive Capabilities

Systal Edge™ is an innovative CTEM MDR and XDR capability that provides asset discovery and risk mitigation to enable the safe adoption of new technology and processes that speed innovation. Your organisation can become more competitive by:

  • Scaling to the largest environments 
  • Monitoring cloud computing infrastructure 
  • Capturing intelligence 
  • Comprehensive Ticketing 
  • Injecting governance into workflows 
  • Defending supply chains 
  • Extending security policy 
  • 100+ GBit throughout 
  • Offering limitless threat feed correlation 
  • Standalone or integrated with your NOC or SOC

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