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Consultant support from technical architecture, transformation events and service delivery.

Professional Services

In today’s increasingly global and mobile business environment, users expect to connect to applications from wherever they are and expect the same high performance levels from inside and outside the corporate network. At the same time, many organisations are starting to test the waters of cloud computing and considering a move towards private cloud infrastructures. Virtualisation technology is being broadly adopted across all industry segments, given its promise of efficiency gains and cost savings. However, its inherent flexibility − involving multiple virtual machines residing on a single server and being automatically provisioned, de-provisioned or migrated between servers, data centre racks or even different data centre facilities – presents significant challenges to networks.

The network is the enabling backbone upon which the success of consolidation and virtualisation projects and IT departments’ ability to support new application rollouts, traffic growth and increasing numbers of connecting devices depends.

When it comes to their enterprise and campus networks, companies need to plan ahead to provide a seamless end-user experience, while at the same time maintaining a robust core to provide a scalable and easy to operate architecture.

Systal’s Network Professional Services are intended to help you review your existing network and architecture for industry best practices, identify problem areas if any, and provide a clear and concise path for growing the network based on business and technology requirements.

Systal Network Professional Services comprise a suite of five discrete components;

  • Network Architecture
  • Network Audit
  • Network Baseline
  • Network Healthcheck
  • Firewall Healthcheck

Systal’s consulting engagements can be tailored to incorporate any combination of these components as required.

Systal Network Professional Services

Network Architecture

  • Objectives & Goals
  • Topology & Features
  • Analysis & Recommendations
  • Report & Present

Network Audit

  • Device discovery
  • Topology & Configuration audit
  • Equipment inventory
  • Hardware & Software EOL status

Network Baseline

  • Capacity Assessment of current traffic
  • Traffic hotspot identification
  • Impact analysis of network configuration changes
  • Network performance & ultilisation

Network Healthcheck

  • Network topology & configuration review verses best practice standards
  • Review of network issues contributing to application performance issues

Firewall Healthcheck

  • Hardware & sotfware version checks
  • Firewall rule review
  • Review of configuration best practice
  • Review security enhancements

Systal’s four pillars of service methodology:

  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Solution Strategy
  • Assessment
  • Solution Approach
  • Transition Planning

Systal’s Professional Services help you to identify and proactively address crucial business and technical considerations before you expend time and resources implementing your Network Transformation solution.

  • Solution Deployment Plan
  • Deployment Readiness
  • Test Plan/Test
  • Solution Deployment
  • Service Acceptance

Systal provide full lifecycle management maximising ROI on client assets. Standard deployment processes are implemented maintaining consistency within the network environment.

  • Data Analysis Collection
  • Architecture & Conceptual Design
  • Solution Specified Design
  • Physical Design

Utilising best practice industry design standards. Systal provide a consultative approach to working with our customers to offer a design suited to business requirements.

  • Availability Management
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Fault Management
  • Asset Management

Systal’s systematic approach to Professional Services can help clients manage availability, control assets and costs.

Systal Consulting

As leaders in data centres and networks, Systal Networks Professional Services consultants and engineers are uniquely qualified to assist you in designing, implementing, and optimising network solutions.

Systal Networks Professional Services helps accelerate your network’s time to value, bringing revenue generating capabilities online faster for bigger productivity gains, faster rollouts of new business models and ventures, greater market reach, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Your onsite staff will work closely with Systal specialists, building operational capabilities and reducing your exposure to IT risks. As a result of our previous experience involving hundreds of customers around the world, Systal Networks Professional Services is uniquely qualified to help you design, implement, and optimise your network for confident operation and rapid returns on infrastructure investments. These professionals understand today’s network and security demands and those that are just around the corner—for bandwidth efficiency, best-in-class security, solid reliability, and cost-effective scaling.

The use of Systal’s consultants also avoids the requirement for you to provide the necessary technical and networking skills in-house. The evaluation can be completed faster, as you are not forced to wait until internal resources become available, nor do you have to address the issue of conflicting project priorities.


Request your free IT Network Healthcheck

Targeted at Network environments supporting 100 plus endpoints, all SYSTAL Heath Checks consist of a “Baseline”.  This module provides an understanding of the overall network environment and design. Additional modules can then be added as desired (including the option to add specific areas needing focus which might not be covered by the standard modules). Click here for more information.


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