Voice Services

Get ahead of the copper switch off by transitioning to digital ahead of time.

The way businesses use voice contact has changed dramatically, with many of us demanding more from our telephony solution than a voice-only option.  At Systal, we have extensive experience of working with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), digital telephony, and can help you make the move to VOIP ahead of the copper switch-off in 2025.

Why Systal?

Systal offer a vendor-agnostic voice services experience to simplify your voice solution while:

  • Reducing the number of hardware assets your business needs to manage – With telephony applications available to install on desktops, laptops and mobile phones, desk phones can become a thing of past, modernising your office space and reducing your hardware maintenance costs.

  • Offering a single number reach – Allowing calls to a chosen landline or mobile number to ring on any device where the application is installed.

  • Reducing costs of your telephony estate by managing voice connectivity – As a digital service, VOIP solutions can be flexed up and down on demand to meet your business need, including handing over of feature-rich licenses to users at different times of the day.

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