Internet of Things (IoT)

Bespoke IoT network infrastructure solutions that unlocks the value of connected devices
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The method of how businesses, suppliers and clients operate and communicate will be fundamentally changed by the Internet of Things by unlocking the value of connected devices as well as devices that are currently unconnected. As Internet of Things permeates your network, a cohesive approach is required to enable your enterprise networks to support the proliferation of conversations between a whole multitude of devices and across different network environments.

Why Systal?

We offer fully bespoke Internet of Things network infrastructure solutions. Systal has a broad range of skills and experience to help you enable your enterprise infrastructure to gather and exploit the vast amounts of data and analytics. These connected devices will allow you to use more sophisticated ways to redesign processes and create new business opportunities.

Systal can add value to your business by addressing the challenges Internet of Things will place on your network capacity and security protocols, bringing an expanded, adaptable and secure infrastructure that enables your organisation to: 


  • Gain more data driven operational efficiencies
  • Source new business opportunity and revenue streams
  • Reduce risk through a holistic more easily managed security approach
  • Make faster and better decision making 

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