Firewall Audit

Protect your business and its valuable data with a comprehensive audit of your estate.

Firewalls are the first line of defence when it comes to keeping dangerous traffic out of your network – the barrier between your internal network, and the public internet.  But when was the last time you conducted a full review of your estate? Our Firewall audit service will give you complete confidence in the level of security your firewalls are providing you and your business’ data.

Why Systal?

We have extensive experience of reviewing, analysing and remediating Firewall rules to ensure you are protecting your business’ most vital asset. Our expert engineers will assess the rules currently in place and provide recommendations for your review. Frequently, we identify rules that are more permissive than our customers intended, and don’t provide the level of security hoped for.  We can advise on your Firewall policy itself to ensure it is protecting you against bad actors, alongside a review of key elements of firewall security.

If you have a security audit pending, it’s the perfect time to talk to us about a Firewall review to:

  • Identify and remediate any sub-standard rules to enhance your network security.
  • Remove outdated rules from your estate to increase overall network speed and efficiency.
  • Implement naming convention to reduce complexity and increase ease of future management.

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