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Achieve a high-performance data centre that reduces your IT complexity and improves scalability and resiliency.
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Data centres have traditionally been the physical backbone of a business’ technology infrastructure, housing the servers, routers and switches that host our applications and networks. Traditional data centres can incur serious costs with rack space, power, cooling, device management and the general cost of maintaining the data centre quickly adding up.

Our data centre transformation services can help your organisation assess and plan for current and future business requirements that align to your business priorities, improve IT-service management and help to reduce operating costs.

Why Systal?

Our comprehensive range of data centre transformation services can help you reduce IT complexity, improve scalability, and achieve significant gains in data centre efficiency. Whether you require a full data centre refresh or want to leverage your existing legacy data centre technologies, Systal are here to help you get the most from your network.

Data Centre Remediation and Refresh

Implementing virtualisation technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) or Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) offers a host of benefits, such as cost reduction, increased speed of navigation and increased network efficiency. Our virtualisation experts will work with you to understand your current data centre and everything in it. We’ll asses each individual component and identify areas for remediation. Our extensive knowledge of all available technologies combined with our vendor-agnostic approach means that we can provide our customers with the best products and services possible to suit your individual business needs.

Legacy Data Centre Management

Whilst we’re always keen to help our customers leverage new technologies, we understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to make significant changes – whether this is due to a cost constraint, or, increasingly, as business critical applications are not able to be hosted on newer technologies.  Whatever the reason your business needs to maintain its’ legacy data centre presence, Systal’s management services can support you in getting the best from your data centre.

We have proven experience of assessing legacy data centre estates, deploying network discovery tools to understand the current security and patching levels, allowing us to identify where your network could be at risk and advise on the appropriate remedial measures.  We will also help ensure you are getting the most from your hardware by reviewing the configuration in place to ensure it still best serves your needs.

Data Centre Services

As well as the above, we offer a vast range of services which provide a consistent, repeatable methodology to help you successfully plan and design a secure, scalable, resilient, and available Data Centre. Our services include:

  • Discovery: Audit of hardware and applications, publication of application catalogue and CMDB management.
  • Data centre optimisation: Helps your business deliver more efficient and cost-effective data centre services to business users, while improving service availability.
  • Data centre network architecture: Redesign and modernisation with SDN solutions and/or network virtualisation platforms
  • Security, network function virtualisation
  • Legacy data centre networking: Including routing, switching and optical networking.
  • Data centre automation
  • Cloud implementation: Plan, Design and deployment of hybrid cloud environments

To understand how Systal’s experts can help your business leverage virtualisation technologies, contact us today. 

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