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Increase the agility and performance of your network with Systal’s managed network services.
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 Managing an enterprise network is an ongoing challenge for businesses – the ability to adapt to business change quickly, maintain excellent service delivery whilst meeting cost constraints can risk both a company’s revenue and reputation in the marketplace.

Whether you need to respond to business change more rapidly, improve the cost effectiveness of your service delivery or bolster business continuity, our Managed Network Services (MNS) can provide a safe pair of hands for your business-critical infrastructure.


Why Systal?

 Systal’s Managed Network Services offering is crucial for businesses struggling to balance expense optimisation with greater network agility and performance, whilst seeking higher-quality and secure managed network services.  Our focus is on meeting the current and emerging needs of our customers by optimising the performance, security, and reliability of their network infrastructure.


Managed Network Service Portfolio

 In our Global Network Operations Centres (NOC), our highly qualified enterprise network professionals are aligned to your organisation delivering a truly unique and individual network management experience.

 We know what it takes to achieve your business and functional outcomes, and we have built a portfolio of Managed Network Services tailored to meet your network management and operational requirements. Our services include: 

Managed LAN Services – Management of customer premises equipment across Data Centre, Campus and Branch locations. Includes management of LAN switches, WLAN infrastructure, load balancers and DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM).

Managed WAN Services – Management of enterprise site CPE (routers, SD WAN/SASE), WAN connectivity (MPLS, Internet, SD WAN) and services operations management. We also include life cycle management.

Managed Security Services – Operations, configuration and maintenance support for security technologies. Includes support of Secure Service Edge (SSE), SASE,  Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, Network Access Control and Network Firewalling with IDS/ IPS.  We offer branch office, remote worker and on-premise internet security, private application access and cloud service security functions.

Service Delivery Platform (SDP) – Single consolidated portal for integrating application architecture and enabling technologies designed to allow the customised, high-quality, and scalable delivery of our managed network services to our enterprise customers. Our MNS SDP supporting LAN and WAN is integrated with our security focused MNS SDP.

Service Management – Lifecycle management and end to end service integration activities (teaming/ infrastructure) – supported by tool-based workflows, automation and our customer support mechanisms.

Operations Automation – Automation of tasks and activities related to the SDP, service management integration functions and customer experience management to achieve consistent MNS service delivery quality.

Customer Experience – Customer support management functions, such as customer portal functions, customer management, customer co-management, continuous improvement, equipment purchase and related design, implementation and support functions.

Key Customer Benefits

Cost Optimisation

  • Use optimum blend of on-shore, near shore and offshore resources
  • Network, Cloud and data centre hosting consolidation.
  • Provide access for BYOD, from shared devices and infrastructures
  • Use automation to introduce IT operating efficiencies
  • Offer competitive rates for all IT services
  • Commercial innovation that avoids margin on margin pricing
  • Integrate services with inhouse and commercial managed solutions


Enhanced Business Continuity

  • Demonstrate and meet compliance with security and IT policies
  • Fix first time instances via automation and devOps
  • Reduce human error via improved skilled people, IT tools and processes.  Automate and use DevOps wherever possible.
  • Zero trust IT infrastructures with integrated user access logon
  • Provide managed IT and managed security solutions that can cope with both brute force and personalised attacks
  • Higher motivated, productive and valued IT teams 

Improved Agility

  • Improved geographical and user access to IT operations
  • Introduction of open standards and vendor agnostic tooling with devOps
  • Allow multiuser and device access from trusted, semi trusted and non-trusted infrastructures
  • Use software to make changes to the IT operation quickly
  • Improve ease of technology use/ adoption

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