Managed Network Operations

Our Global Network Operations centres deliver an unparalleled level of service..

Managed Network Operations

Managing an enterprise network is an ongoing challenge for businesses – the ability to adapt to business change quickly, maintain excellent service delivery whilst meeting cost constraints can risk both a company’s revenue and reputation in the marketplace.

Benefits of our Managed Network Operations

Engaging with Systal for managing your enterprise network has many benefits, including:

  • Reduced ongoing costs based on a predictable commercial model.
  • Significantly reduced network downtimes due to rapid resolution of incidents.
  • More time to focus on core business activity, helping to enhance your end-user experience and business productivity.
  • Adherence to your internal SLAs for network availability.
  • Peace of mind that the management of your enterprise network is handled by network experts.
  • Reduced financial and reputational risk with a strict compliance on business requirements for security and resilience of network operations.

Our managed network operation services remove the burden and complexity of managing your own network, and offers enhanced flexibility of service delivery, cost effectiveness and peace of mind that your business continuity is in safe hands.

Our Managed Network Operations offering

Systal has a proven track record of delivering quality products and service integration with both Internet Service and Cloud Providers alike. We have invested heavily in our people, processes and infrastructure to create a customer-focused organisation that strives to meet the most stringent SLAs for our customers.


In our Global Network Operations Centres, our highly qualified enterprise network professionals are aligned to your organisation delivering a truly unique and individual network management experience.

We know what it takes to achieve your business and functional outcomes, and we have built a portfolio of Managed Network Services tailored to meet your network management and operational requirements.

Whether you need to respond to business change more rapidly, improve the cost effectiveness of your service delivery or bolster business continuity, our Managed Network Services offerings provide a safe pair of hands for your business-critical infrastructure.

Managed Network Operations Offering

Systal’s MNS, at its basic level, is an offering which provides 24x7x365, monitoring solutions for your network. We can also provide starter packages such as a “nights and weekends only” solution that helps you supplement existing capabilities or as a backup option for your existing NOC to meet business continuity planning requirements.

A Look Into Systal's Infrastructure

Systal’s MNS offering is backed by a robust Network Operations Centre (NOC) infrastructure providing end-to-end Fault Management, Trouble Ticketing and Workforce Management.

Our Primary NOC is based in a highly secure location in Glasgow. We have backup NOC facilities throughout the globe that serve as a business continuity and disaster recovery option for our service offering.

Our facilities are secure and scalable. Each has two levels of physical security with tracked access to authorised personnel only.

Our monitoring and network management tools infrastructure are highly scalable to handle a significant number of customer networks and the elements in those networks. This is backed by a NOC workforce that utilises standard processes developed internally to optimise our efforts in support of the network technologies required in our customers’ infrastructure. Our teams are skilled in the technology and products they monitor.

Systal’s four pillars of service methodology:

  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Solution Strategy
  • Assessment
  • Solution Approach
  • Transition Planning

Systal’s planning and design services help you to identify and proactively address crucial business and technical considerations before you expend time and resources implementing your Managed Network Operations solution.

  • Solution Deployment Plan
  • Deployment Readiness
  • Test Plan/Test
  • Solution Deployment
  • Service Acceptance

Systal provide full lifecycle management maximising ROI on client assets. Standard deployment processes are implemented maintaining consistency within the Managed Network environment.

  • Data Analysis Collection
  • Architecture & Conceptual Design
  • Solution Specified Design
  • Physical Design

Utilising best practice industry design standards. Systal provide a consultative approach to working with our customers to offer a design suited to business requirements.

  • Change Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Fault Management
  • Asset Management

Complex networks can be challenging to manage. Systal’s systematic approach to Managed Network Services can help clients manage availability, control assets and costs.

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