Wireless Monitoring from Komodo

Monitor your Wi-Fi and Internet, identify immediately when something is wrong and know how to fix it before it impacts on productivity.

Introducing Komodo Intelligent Network Monitoring from Systal

If you have ever experienced problems with your wi-fi or internet you may have struggled to pinpoint the problem and find a way to fix it.  When your network is underperforming, resolving the issue can take a long time.

In an ideal world, you would have IT support every hour of the day, constantly checking your network and reporting any problems before users are aware of them.  Systal’s Intelligent Network Monitoring offers a low cost, real time solution that does just that.  INM allows you to see what the user sees, providing real time data, and provides visibility of what the user has experienced in the last week, month or even the last 10 minutes.

Problematic internet and Wi-Fi can often be fixed quickly and remotely without additional expense. With Intelligent Network Monitoring in place, problems can be dealt with quickly, necessary improvements identified, and the resulting increased performance is easy to measure.

This innovative solution enhances our management of your network through:

  • Diagnosing and fixing Wi-Fi issues remotely before customers are aware of any problem
  • Know the status of all key user metrics in real time as well as seeing historic trends from an end user viewpoint
  • Provide insight into device vs. network issues
  • Benchmark performance against quality standards
  • Prioritise IT resources and justify capital investments

Benefits of Integrating our Intelligent Network Monitoring with Systal's Managed Services

Better Triage – can see what the user is seeing, with additional intelligence.  Is the network the problem or the users’ device?

Reduces costs – less need for on-site troubleshooting, support resources can be used more efficiently

Improves visibility – see performance issues in real time, even when managing geographically dispersed or remote sites

Demonstrates Quality – can benchmark performance and identify gaps.  Can measure and show ‘before and after’ quality improvements.

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