Internet of Things

Unlock your organisation's potential, redesign processes and create new opportunities.

Internet of Things

The method of how businesses, suppliers and clients operate and communicate will be fundamentally changed by the Internet of Things by unlocking the value of connected devices as well as devices that are currently unconnected.

Systal has a broad range of skills and experience to help you enable your Enterprise infrastructure to gather and exploit the vast amounts of data and analytics these connected devices will generate which in turn will allow you to use more sophisticated ways to redesign processes and create new business opportunity.

Systal can add value to your business by addressing the challenges Internet of Things will place on your network capacity and security protocols which could include connected applications such as video surveillance or smart meters. We can help you achieve this by bringing you an expanded, adaptable and secure infrastructure to enable you to keep pace with the envisaged 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

Making Internet of Things work for you is one of our primary focus areas to enable you to facilitate growth with benefits which can include:

  • Data driven operational efficiencies
  • New business opportunity and revenue streams
  • Reduced risk through a holistic more easily managed security approach
  • Faster and better decision making

SYSTAL can offer fully bespoke Internet of Things network infrastructure solutions, however we believe the following to be the core elements within the Enterprise:

Our approach

web servicesSystal recognises that as the Internet of Things permeates the network, a cohesive approach is required to enable Enterprise networks to support the proliferation of conversations between a whole multitude of devices and across different network environments. We also have to consider the different levels of communications that need to take place:

Network – bring intelligence to Enterprise class networks by enabling them to support billions of connections

Security – optimise the crucial element of scalability to support the massive number of sensors and data that will be connected to and moved across the network

Architecture – design and solution your move to an Internet of Things connected network by delivering a seamless end to end management approach without the need for a completely new infrastructure

Future proof – deliver a scalable, secure, robust and resilient network that can perform effectively under the most arduous of conditions

Multi protocol – support normalisation and connectivity over different network environments


Systal can deliver Internet of Things network solutions which can support many business application scenarios such as intelligent monitoring capability at remote locations, centralised monitoring and control of materials during shipment or improved security at remote locations through intruder presence detection and remote control of devices.

A number of these different levels of communications may see significant increase in terms of network volumes as the Internet of Things environment is deployed and so it is critical to plan for this rapid increase and to ensure that the network is secure, scalable, resilient and effectively managed. SYSTAL uses it’s proven PDIM (Plan, Design, Implement/Operate and Manage) to design and build the correct network infrastructure to address potential scalability issues, constraints on low latencies, criticality of systems, requirements for predictability, resilience to failures in the system and cyber security.

It is only a matter of time before Internet of Things becomes the “norm” and with the Systal strategic approach to the Enterprise network environment we can make your transition to a full Internet of Things environment effective, cost effective and most importantly secure!

Systal’s four pillars of service methodology:

  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Solution Strategy
  • Assessment
  • Solution Approach
  • Transition Planning

Systal’s planning and design services help you to identify and proactively address crucial business and technical considerations before you expend time and resources implementing your IoT solution.

  • Solution Deployment Plan
  • Deployment Readiness
  • Test Plan/Test
  • Solution Deployment
  • Service Acceptance

Systal provide full lifecycle management maximising ROI on client assets. Standard deployment processes are implemented maintaining consistency within the IoT environment.

  • Data Analysis Collection
  • Architecture & Conceptual Design
  • Solution Specified Design
  • Physical Design

Utilising best practice industry design standards. Systal provide a consultative approach to working with our customers to offer a design suited to business requirements.

  • Change Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Version Management
  • Asset Management

Equipment associated with IoT can often be challenging to maintain records for. Systal’s systematic approach can help clients control assets and licensing.

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