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Collaborative and connected solutions for today’s office, remote and hybrid workplaces.
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The shift towards hybrid networking has led to businesses of all sizes struggling to manage their workplace connectivity and collaboration.  Whether it’s due to using multiple meeting solutions, or their remote and hybrid workers struggling to be seen and heard, effective collaboration has become inconsistent and more complex.

How can Systal help?

We provide a technology-agnostic and flexible approach to the evaluation, deployment and ongoing management of your meeting space needs.  This allows your business to benefit from fast and easily deployed solutions, irrespective of the technology, space, or size. From deploying complex video rooms or telepresence replacements to providing full meeting-as-a-service offerings, Systal has the hybrid solutions to meet your changing needs.

Systal’s Hybrid Meeting Room Solutions can give your organisation :

A Cost-Effective, Connected Workplace – Our connected solutions are based on providing one seamless process. Reduced disruption during implementations increases efficiencies, and reduced travel and supplier consolidation creates CO2 reduction with real cost savings.

Improved Room Use – We can Integrate digital media across room control panels and screens, controlling room and screen use for display during meetings or even providing corporate news or guides when not in use for a meeting.

Peace of Mind – From delivering a fast and easy deployment to providing expert network analysis and component management, Systal’s full meeting-as-a-service offering is supported by decades of technology and market expertise.

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