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Intricately manage the user experience of any live, virtual or hybrid event broadcast
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Whether it’s been a live, virtual or hybrid event, we have likely all been the recipients of both very good and very poor event broadcasting services.  Done correctly, the experience can be memorable, with your audience engaged and engrossed with your business’s stream.

How can Systal help?

From the online booking to launching the broadcast and requests for help, Systal’s consultative, project and managed event broadcast services will allow you to intricately manage the user experience of any meeting.  

We can provide your organisation with:

Preventative pre-broadcast reassurance – We will help you review the range of applications you use, and the impact on the network and ensure that before any solution is deployed, the network is sized correctly with the appropriate prioritisation. We know you need your events to run smoothly and work preventively to fix potential issues before they impact your meetings.
Second-by-second viewer experience analysis – Record each part of a meeting process and how its conducted, watch each viewer’s experience – second by second – and be able to identify by IP address any problem endpoints for network troubleshooting.
Broadcast service information – Benefit from detailed service intel, including:
    • Core viewer data (computer name, IP address, browser, viewing time).
    • Buffering and quality over time.
    • Network errors.
    • Consumed bitrate and network speed and errors.
    • Player e

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