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We will manage the integration of multiple Clouds, both public and private, adopting a vendor agnostic approach.
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Managing an enterprise infrastructure is an ongoing challenge for businesses – the ability to adapt to business change quickly, maintain excellent service delivery whilst meeting cost constraints can risk both a company’s revenue and reputation in the marketplace.

Whether you need to respond to business change more rapidly, improve the cost effectiveness of your service delivery or bolster business continuity, a Managed Services offering can provide a safe pair of hands for your business-critical infrastructure.

Why Systal?

Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to manage the integration of multiple Clouds, both public and private with classic IT infrastructure to create an end-to-end service.  Systal’s managed cloud operation services remove the burden and complexity of managing your infrastructure, and offers enhanced flexibility of service delivery, cost effectiveness and peace of mind that your business continuity is in safe hands.

Leveraging the expertise of our Global Network Operations Centres, our experienced cloud professionals are aligned to your organisation delivering a truly unique and individual cloud management experience.

We know what it takes to achieve your business and functional outcomes, and we have built a portfolio of Managed Services tailored to meet your management and operational requirements, including:


  • Fully Managed Cloud Services
  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Resource Management
  • Monitoring and proactive response to observations
  • Business compliance management

Cloud Consultation

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