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A Happy New Year? Tech predictions for 2019

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal Technology Solutions It’s that time of year again – an opportunity to look back at the technology trends of the past year, and consider what looks likely to continue – and change – in 2019.  These are our tech predictions for 2019. Three of...

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The 5 Threats to delivering IT Service Excellence – Part II

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal Technology Solutions Threats to robustness: multi-cloud and duplication We recently blogged about the importance of IT service excellence by developing a truly robust IT network, and threats and challenges to overcome when doing so. In that...

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The 5 Threats to delivering IT Service Excellence: Part I

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal. What is a robust IT network? The idea of building a robust IT network and service excellence could mean different things to different organisations, but the simplest way of understanding it is as a network which combines excellent...

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Wireless networks: how to achieve security and compliance

Ensuring watertight security and all relevant regulatory compliance for wireless networks is a key challenge for almost every organisation’s IT department because, these days, almost every organisation has a wireless network to manage. As network security rightly...

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From Complexity to Clarity: The Solutions

In our previous blog, we explored some of the ways in which the increasing complexity of enterprise IT infrastructures – and the cyber threats they face – are bringing fresh challenges to the development and delivery of comprehensive IT security. How, then, can...

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