Douglas Cumming, Director of Systal.

When I read the news that Barclays had decided to create 2500 technology jobs in Glasgow I had a hallelujah moment.  It’s about time the FTSE 100 companies realised what we have known for a while now that Scotland offers a deep pool of talent and a fantastic working environment for ambitious, talented individuals to build their careers in the technology sector.

Central Scotland has some of the best universities in the UK for engineering, software and business skills. What’s more there are some great sources of support like Scottish Enterprise that allow companies to invest in developing their own workforces with initiatives like apprentice schemes; something we have been able to turn to our advantage.

We have been banging the drum about the fantastic opportunities for local people in the world of information technology as we look to support major international and UK companies from our UK base. We are committed to providing a dedicated UK support facility at our operations centre here in the UK rather than following the offshoring trend. It keeps us nimble and responsive to our customers’ daily needs.

We are growing fast and we need highly motivated talented people who want to live in and around Glasgow.   The news from Barclays is a shot in the arm for the area but from our own standpoint it’s a statement of faith. It says to our people and potential hires that Glasgow has a thriving technology sector that is only going to grow and improve.

Come and join us on this exciting journey.