John Bidgood, Chief Technology Officer at Systal.

John Bidgood’s hybrid cloud article explores the key principles of navigating hybrid cloud complexity and how to achieve the cloud structure for your business.

Hybrid cloud infrastructures, which combine the positive elements of public and private cloud environments, aim to help businesses achieve the best of both worlds. However, getting there is rarely simple. With a myriad of different options for structuring your hybrid cloud, how can you choose what’s right for your organisation?

Understanding the choices available begins with understanding how we have got to this point. Cloud adoption has been one of the biggest trends in enterprise IT over recent years, as organisations in multiple sectors seek to enjoy the cost savings, flexibility, and management efficiencies of deploying their applications over the internet as a service.

Public cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure enable organisations to avoid the cost and management burden of running their own dedicated hardware and software.

However, it is not always simple to establish. Many companies remain reluctant to place business-critical applications and data in the public cloud, since they lose visibility and control over where it is hosted and how it is protected. Hybrid cloud infrastructures enable organisations to find the best blend of flexibility and control for their bespoke IT setup.

They can host select resources in the public cloud whilst building and managing a private cloud for the deployment of the applications and data they want to retain strictest control over. This private cloud might be deployed over internal infrastructure, or it might still use a third-party cloud provider’s infrastructure, but be dedicated to this particular organisation.

A blended approach

The key point is that any hybrid cloud infrastructure is by nature a blended thing. As such, achieving the best structure for your business means ensuring that all of the separate parts of this puzzle are managed as efficiently as possible, all year round. This is no small task – but there are some principles that will help you get there. To learn more, click on the link below to take you to the full article. Or contact us for more information on hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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