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From Complexity to Clarity: The Solutions

In our previous blog, we explored some of the ways in which the increasing complexity of enterprise IT infrastructures – and the cyber threats they face – are bringing fresh challenges to the development and delivery of comprehensive IT security. How, then, can organisations best protect themselves in this complex world?   Multi-layered security The key principle to remember is that IT security for businesses today can no longer be a case of choosing a...

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From Complexity to Clarity: The Challenges

Enterprise IT infrastructures have never been so dynamic, or complex. Cloud computing has enabled organisations to deploy applications and services more rapidly than ever before. The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a great many new opportunities for data gathering, business intelligence and the development of new products and services. Mobility solutions means that employees can work just as effectively from home or on the move.  Furthermore, these mobility...

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How you can ensure your business thrives with IoT

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal The Internet of Things (IoT) has truly arrived. Organisations in multiple sectors are deploying ecosystems of connected sensors and devices, gathering previously untapped data from across their environments and using it to inform tangible decisions. From organisations using the IoT to dynamically adjust energy facilities such as heating and lighting, to those in manufacturing and industrial sectors using it to remove process bottlenecks...

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Introducing the IoT: What it means for your business.

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most headline-grabbing tech trends of the moment. But what is it, really – and what could it mean for your organisation? Is the IoT something you can happily ignore for now, or something you should be racing to implement? The IoT, very broadly, refers the process of adding internet connectivity to previously unconnected ‘things’ – which could be almost anything. A piece of machinery on a...

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Introducing the hybrid cloud – planning the network.

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal. Hybrid cloud. It’s a headline-hitting concept, taking over technology and business publications alike as organisations in multiple sectors are advised to try and achieve the ‘best of both worlds’. But what does it actually mean? How can you best harness it for your organisation? The concise answer is that hybrid cloud infrastructures combine elements of both public and private cloud environments, in a model that is utterly bespoke to...

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Systal signals growth plans with two strategic hires

New CTO and marketing manager appointed to drive expansion. Systal Technology Solutions is pleased to announce two new strategic hires as part of our ambitious growth plan. John Bidgood joins as Chief Technology Officer from IBM, bringing over two decades of Global sales and service delivery expertise across areas including hybrid cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), software defined networking and network virtualisation. Linda Anderson has also been recruited to...

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Defining the NOC: Five key attributes of an effective approach to managed network operations

By Gary O'Neil, Director Systal. Network operations form the skeleton that supports your entire business infrastructure. They govern your organisation’s internal and external communications, the applications you need to produce and promote goods or services, and the management of your staff. In the digital era, keeping network operations running smoothly and reliably is a key element in business continuity. Little wonder, then, that many organisations turn to...

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Barclays investment is a welcome boost for Scotland’s tech sector

Douglas Cumming, Director of Systal. When I read the news that Barclays had decided to create 2500 technology jobs in Glasgow I had a hallelujah moment.  It’s about time the FTSE 100 companies realised what we have known for a while now that Scotland offers a deep pool of talent and a fantastic working environment for ambitious, talented individuals to build their careers in the technology sector. Central Scotland has some of the best universities in the UK for...

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Systal becomes Authorised Partner of Cloud Computing Specialist Nutanix

Systal is now a fully-fledged, authorised partner of American cloud computing specialist Nutanix. Nutanix offers software that enables organisations to build and operate multi-cloud architectures, while maintaining easy control of IT infrastructures at any scale. This is driven by a single software operating system (OS) that runs across clouds, making the boundaries between private, public and distributed clouds invisible. Nutanix solutions combine web-scale...

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Shaping Spaces

How to improve physical environments and user experience with Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) technology There are many places and contexts in which diverse and dynamic groups of people move around large and often complicated physical settings. This could be a shopping centre, museum or art gallery, an airport, train station, office building or conference space. In most instances, management of these spaces can be improved if organisations are able to track the...

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