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The 5 Threats to delivering IT Service Excellence – Part III

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal Technology Solutions Threats to robustness: security and disaster recovery This is the third in our trio of blogs examining the threats that may prevent you from building and maintaining a truly robust IT network. First, we looked at the issue of vendor sprawl, and then in the second blog we explored the issues of multi-cloud implementations, duplication and redundancy. In this, the final blog on threats to delivering IT Service...

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The 5 Threats to delivering IT Service Excellence – Part II

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal Technology Solutions Threats to robustness: multi-cloud and duplication We recently blogged about the importance of IT service excellence by developing a truly robust IT network, and threats and challenges to overcome when doing so. In that blog, we considered the issue of vendor sprawl, why it can prevent networks from being as robust as possible, and what to do about it. Now, in the second of three blogs looking at threats to IT...

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The 5 Threats to delivering IT Service Excellence: Part I

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal. What is a robust IT network? The idea of building a robust IT network and service excellence could mean different things to different organisations, but the simplest way of understanding it is as a network which combines excellent performance and reliability with clarity and control for those in management. Meaning that it doesn’t just perform well, it is also understood well. This sounds like a straightforward principle. However,...

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From Complexity to Clarity: IT security in an ever-changing landscape

By John Bidgood, Systal Chief Technology Officer. Enterprise IT infrastructures today have been developing rapidly over recent years and becoming increasingly complex. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile internet access and more have vastly increased the applications and endpoints run on typical organisational infrastructures – and the speed at which they can be provisioned.  In this article, we explore three of the key challenges facing IT...

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Article – How to achieve the best hybrid cloud structure for your business

John Bidgood, Chief Technology Officer at Systal. John Bidgood's hybrid cloud article explores the key principles of navigating hybrid cloud complexity and how to achieve the best hybrid cloud structure for your business. Hybrid cloud infrastructures, which combine the positive elements of public and private cloud environments, aim to help businesses achieve the best of both worlds. However, getting there is rarely simple. With a myriad of different options for...

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Wireless networks: how to achieve security and compliance

Ensuring watertight security and all relevant regulatory compliance for wireless networks is a key challenge for almost every organisation’s IT department because, these days, almost every organisation has a wireless network to manage. As network security rightly becomes an ever more high-profile corporate challenge, and legal and regulatory frameworks such as the GDPR place stricter demands on how networks are managed, it is crucial to take this issue seriously....

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Considerations for successfully implementing a hybrid cloud strategy

By John Bidgood, Chief Technology Officer. We recently blogged about how to get started with a hybrid cloud infrastructure for your organisation, planning out the public/private balance, peaks and troughs in demand, network consolidation and virtualisation required to create the simplest, most flexible and cost-effective hybrid cloud architecture possible. But once you have rationalised your existing setup and created the best possible foundation for your hybrid...

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From Complexity to Clarity: The Solutions

In our previous blog, we explored some of the ways in which the increasing complexity of enterprise IT infrastructures – and the cyber threats they face – are bringing fresh challenges to the development and delivery of comprehensive IT security. How, then, can organisations best protect themselves in this complex world?   Multi-layered security The key principle to remember is that IT security for businesses today can no longer be a case of choosing a...

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From Complexity to Clarity: The Challenges

Enterprise IT infrastructures have never been so dynamic, or complex. Cloud computing has enabled organisations to deploy applications and services more rapidly than ever before. The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a great many new opportunities for data gathering, business intelligence and the development of new products and services. Mobility solutions means that employees can work just as effectively from home or on the move.  Furthermore, these mobility...

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How you can ensure your business thrives with IoT

By John Bidgood, CTO Systal The Internet of Things (IoT) has truly arrived. Organisations in multiple sectors are deploying ecosystems of connected sensors and devices, gathering previously untapped data from across their environments and using it to inform tangible decisions. From organisations using the IoT to dynamically adjust energy facilities such as heating and lighting, to those in manufacturing and industrial sectors using it to remove process bottlenecks...

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