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Our key focus areas

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies are at the heart of our business operations. We are committed to continuously driving positive change and achieve this by aligning our business operations to environmental and social initiatives which make a lasting and positive impact on our global community.

CSR Policy

The objective of Systal’s CSR policy is to provide an overview of expectations for employees and business partners. It follows the four main categories designed for CSR reporting. These include Environmental Responsibility, Ethical Responsibility, Philanthropic Responsibility, and Economic Responsibility. To request a copy of our full policy please contact us.

ESG Policy

We are committed to creating a sustainable global future and aim to be climate neutral by 2030. Further details as follows:

Environmental Impact 

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Systal is actively working towards tackling climate change to support an environmentally sustainable future. Our environmental approach is multi-dimensional as we continuously look for ways to improve our operations to minimise pollution and climate related risks.

Our Environmental Sustainability Plan actions include:

➜ Improving our energy reduction target by actively reducing our carbon footprint.

➜ Continuing to conduct our operations responsibly by buying energy from renewable sources.

Community Relations  

We are committed to making the world around us a better place. We use our platform to invest in volunteering initiatives that support our local and global communities. Systal Cares is an initiative ran both internally and externally by our global Systal community to drive positive environmental and social change.

Equitable Impact 

At Systal, we believe in fostering and cultivating an inclusive and diverse workforce and we achieve this by creating equitable and accessible opportunities for all. Systal strongly believe in continuous education and people development. We invest in upskilling as we strive to be renowned for having fantastic people who deliver excellent customer service, exceed expectations, and consistently go that extra mile.

We have developed our Security, Technology and Research (STAR) Academy to provide employees, partners, and customers with the very best training, learning, and personal development opportunities.

Learn more: STAR Academy – Systal Technology Solutions – Global Managed Network & Security