About Systal

Systal is a dynamic and innovative technology solutions provider that prides itself on the ability to deliver tailored solutions to meet business aspirations and challenges. Let us listen to your requirements and we guarantee a solution that will exceed your expectations in performance, commercial positioning and flexibility.

Technology Solutions

The latest in networking technology and installations. Keeping the heart of your business beating.

Forward Thinking

Always looking at the newest developments, keeping a step ahead of the competition.

Problem Solvers

No problem is too large to solve, we thrive on finding your business the right solution.

Customer Support

Need to talk over a problem? Don’t worry, we have you covered with 24/7 support teams.

The Systal Story

The last decade for Systal has seen consistent financial and infrastructure growth as a result of our long term customer partnerships and community of loyal employees. The aspiration of our employee owned organisation is to continue this financial growth by bringing more customers to the Systal engagement model. The satisfaction and pride our team feel about changing the typical experiences clients receive from alternative suppliers drives our passion and rewards.

As technology evolves, Systal’s dynamic nature has kept us at the forefront of customer experience in multi-vendor managed and project solutions. The continued refinement of our internal delivery IP and methodology has led to a world class delivery of best practice whilst continuing to match our core principles of flexible, tailored support, whatever the customer, whatever the challenge, whatever the environment. Systal has never lost a customer, let us prove to you why…

Our Solutions

We cover a wide range of services & solutions. From provisioning of optimum data availability and data integrity in a robust secure environment to the delivery of enterprise class wireless networking solutions globally.

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